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I Corinthians 2:5- "That your faith should not stand in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God."
Artís Selection of Cinematic Classics

(not to be considered a comprehensive compendium)

I. ( In 1998 the American Film Institute celebrated its 100th anniversary by announcing the 100 best American films of all time - they were chosen from a pool of 400 finalists selected by the Institute. The ballots were sent to 1500 prominent Americans, including screenwriters, directors, and critics. The criteria for winning included historical significance, critical recognition and awards, and popularity as measured by box office, syndication, video sale and rental figures.) I have put the films into chronological order by decade.

1.The Birth of a Nation - 1915 ; silent, #44 - the Civil War, Reconstruction and the KKK.

2.The Gold Rush - 1925; silent, #74 - Charlie Chaplinís personal favorite of all his films. Classic comedy and a theme of redemption.

3. The Jazz Singer - 1927; first talkie, #90 - Al Jolsonís classic. A Jewish man faces a difficult moral dilemma - should he sing for the Lord or for the world or for his parents or for his heritage. A good film for discussion.

4. All Quiet on the Western Front - 1930; #54 - a different type of war film - from the perspective of the Germans in WWI. A strong anti-war film.

5. City Lights - 1931; silent, #76 - my favorite Chaplin film. Great comedy and a super ending!

6. Frankenstein -1931; #87. Power without morality can be dangerous.

7. King Kong - 1933; #43 - the mother of all monster movies.

8. Duck Soup - 1933; #85 - Marx Brothers madness at its best!

9. It Happened One Night - 1934; #35 - Frank Capra screwball comedy with Clark Gable.

10. Mutiny on the Bounty - 1935; #86 - Clark Gable in a very different role.

11. Modern Times - 1936; semi-silent, #81 - Chaplinís last movie with his "little tramp" character includes some hilarious routines.

12. Snow White - 1937; #49 - Disney classic.

13. Bringing Up Baby - 1938; #97 - Cary Grant, Katherine Hepburn screwball comedy.

14. Gone With the Wind - 1939; #4. A portrayal of a vain woman whose lack of moral standards are brought to the surface by trying times.

15. Wizard of Oz - 1939; #6. I believe that this popular, entertaining movie can be a subtle influence towards humanism. The all-powerful Oz is revealed to be only a product of manís ingenuity. The supposed real solution to our problems lies within ourselves.

16. Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - 1939; #29 - Frank Capraís classic comedy-drama with Jimmy Stewart as the idealistic senator.

17. Stagecoach - 1939; #63 - John Wayne western.

18. Wuthering Heights - 1939; #73 - Sir Laurence Olivier in Emily Bronteís classic novel.

19. Grapes of Wrath - 1940; #21 - Henry Fonda in this sad Steinbeck story set in the Depression.

20. Philadelphia Story - 1940;#51 - a comedy with Jimmy Stewart, Katherine Hepburn, and Cary Grant.

21. Fantasia - 1940; #58 - classical music and beautiful animation; a work of art. Can be scary to small children.

22. Citizen Cane - 1941; #1 - Orson Wellesí ground-breaking, innovative film.

23. Maltese Falcon - 1941;#23 - Humphrey Bogart mystery.

24. Casablanca - 1942;#2 - Humphrey Bogart again in a classic thriller. One of my favorite films because of its restraint in sexual matters and its treatment of a moral dilemma.

25. Yankee Doodle Dandy - 1942; #100 - James Cagney does a great job of portraying George M. Cohan.

26. Double Indemnity - 1944;#38 - Edward G. Robinson as a good guy and Fred MacMurray star in this drama.

27. Itís a Wonderful Life - 1946; #11. No comment necessary.

28. Best Years of Our Lives - 1946; #37 - three WWII vets adjust to life back home.

29. Treasure of Sierra Madre - 1948; #30 - a great Bogart film showing how insidious greed can be.

30. The Third Man - 1949; #57 - mystery story.

31. Sunset Boulevard - 1950; #12 - Gloria Swanson, an actual silent film star, plays an aging silent film star in this drama.

32. All About Eve - 1950; #16 - Bette Davis in an intense drama about Hollywood - Oscars for best picture and director. A great film about the lesson of sowing and reaping.

33. African Queen - 1951; #17 - Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn classic adventure.

34. Streetcar Named Desire - 1951; #45 - Marlon Brando in an intense drama.

35. American in Paris - 1951; #68; - Gene Kelly dances in this lavish film which won 6 Oscars.

36. A Place in the Sun - 1951; #92 - Montgomery Clift has affairs with two women.

37. Singiní in the Rain - 1952; #10 - exhilarating, upbeat film with fantastic dancing by Gene Kelly, Debbie Reynolds, and Donald OíConnor.

38. High Noon - 1952; #33 - Gary Cooper (Oscar) plays the courageous retiring frontier marshal in this classic western.

39. From Here to Eternity - 1953; #52 - 8 Oscars went to this film about life at Pearl Harbor just before Japan attacked.

40. Shane - 1953; #69 - classic western.

41. On the Waterfront - 1954; #8 - intense drama (winner of 8 Oscars) with Marlon Brando.

42. Rear Window - 1954; #42 - Hitchcock drama.

43. Rebel Without a Cause - 1955; #59 - cult classic with James Dean. Note the scene early in the film when the students hear the astronomer tell them his evolutionary, materialistic fable. No wonder they have no reason to live. This film shows the legacy of evolutionary indoctrination in our public schools.

44. Giant - 1956; #82 - a modern western drama. James Deanís last film.

45. The Searchers - 1956; #96 - John Wayne western.

46. Bridge on the River Kwai - 1957; #13 - intense WWII drama based on historical happening. Winner of Oscars for best film, actor, and director.

47. Vertigo - 1958; #61 - Hitchcock drama.

48. Some Like it Hot - 1959; #14 - comedy with Marilyn Monroe.

49. North by Northwest - 1959; #40 - Hitchcock thriller.

50. Ben Hur - 1959; #72 - Winner of 11 Oscars! A truly great film.

51.Psycho - 1960; #18 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

52. The Apartment - 1960; #93 - this is supposed to be a comedy about Jack Lemmon letting his bosses use his apartment for affairs. I see nothing funny about having affairs and consider this to be a film not worth seeing, but itís mild by todayís lack of standards.

53. West Side Story - 1961; #41 - a sad story but with great music and fantastic choreography.

54. Lawrence of Arabia - 1962; #5 - biography of British Army officer won 7 Oscars.

55. To Kill a Mockingbird - 1962; #34 - a great story with Gregory Peck winning an Oscar.

56. Manchurian Candidate - 1962; #67 - a very intense and rather scary cold war drama.

57. Dr. Strangelove - 1964; #26 - a very dark and sick "comedy"about nuclear war. Iíd like to urge everyone to be sure to not see this one.

58. My Fair Lady - 1964; #91 - great music and Audrey Hepburn in an enjoyable romance story.

59. Dr. Zhivago - 1965; #39 - beautiful scenery, beautiful music, and the horrors of war all combine to influence the viewers to romanticize and excuse a manís inexcusable infidelity to his wife.

60. Sound of Music - 1965; #55 - A wonderful story and great music!

61. The Graduate - 1967; #7 - a story of sexual immorality.

62. Bonnie and Clyde - 1967; #27 - lots of violence and sexual immorality.

63. Guess Whoís Coming to Dinner? - 1967; #99 - an interesting film about a planned inter-racial marriage in the sixties. Spencer Tracy and Katherine Hepburnís last film together.

64. 2001 - A Space Odyssey - 1968; #22 - a strange film featuring an evolutionary beginning, great special effects, man vs. computer, a dazzling light show, and a weird ending.

65. Midnight Cowboy - 1969; #36 - I have no desire to see this R rated film (rated X when first released).

66. Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid - 1969; #50 - the story of the two outlaws.

67. Wild Bunch - 1969; #80 - I have no desire to see this R rated film.

68. Easy Rider - 1969, #88 - glorifies drugs, sex, rock music, and motor cycles by making the heroes into martyrs.

69. MASH - 1970; #56 - this is perhaps one of the worst films ever foisted on American society. It systematically ridicules all that is noble in life and makes the cool, competent, and immoral protagonists out to be heroes. The setting is the Korean War, but the time of the release of the film was during the Viet Nam War. By combining comedy with an attack on everything held dear to Americans, this film must have been designed to tear down the morale and morality of our country. A better job could not have been done by the KGB film institute if there was such a thing.

70. Patton - 1970; #89 - an interesting portrayal of this fascinating modern warrior.

71. A Clockwork Orange -1971; #46 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

72. French Connection - 1971; #70 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

73. The Godfather - 1972; #3 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

74. American Graffiti - 1973; #77 - teenage life in California in the fifties. On the whole, I consider this film to be, at best, a waste of time.

75. Chinatown - 1974; #19 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

76. The Godfather, part 2 - 1974; #32 - ditto.

77. One Flew Over the Cuckooís Nest - 1975; #20 - an interesting story, but I would not recommend it because of sexual content.

78. Jaws - 1975; #48 - if you love gore, youíll love this one.

79. Taxi Driver - 1976; #47 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

80. Rocky - 1976; #78 - inspiring, but rather unrealistic boxing film.

81. Network - 1976; #66 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

82. Star Wars - 1977; #15 - fantastic special effects.

83. Annie Hall - 1977; #31 - Woody Allen comedy. This film revolves around sexual immorality.

84. Close Encounters of the Third Kind - 1977; #64 - in my opinion a rather slow moving, extra-terrestrial movie.

85. The Deer Hunter - 1978; #79 - I have no intention of seeing this R rated film.

86. Apocalypse Now - 1979; #28 - ditto.

87. Raging Bull - 1980; #24 - ditto

88. Raiders of the Lost Ark - 1981; #60 - Indiana Jones adventure. Contains objectionable parts.

89. E. T. - 1982; #25 - an endearing extra-terrestrial movie.

90. Tootsie - 1982; #62 - comedy with Dustin Hoffman playing an actor who impersonates a woman.

91. Amadeus - 1984; #53 - an account of the rather bizarre life of the musical genius, Mozart.

92. Platoon - 1986; #83 - I have no desire of seeing this R rated film.

93. Dances with Wolves - 1990; #75 - an interesting western story.

94. Goodfellas - 1990; #94 - I have no desire of seeing this R rated film.

95. Silence of the Lambs - 1991; #65 - ditto.

96. Unforgiven - 1992; #98 - ditto.

97. Schindlerís List - 1993; #9 - ditto.

98. Forest Gump - 1994; #71 - a weird comedy set in the sixties using special effects to put the protagonist into several historical settings.

99. Pulp Fiction - 1994; #95 - I have no desire to see this R rated film.

100. Fargo - 1996; #84 - ditto.

Summary: pre-1930 films - 3

1930's films - 15

1940's films - 12

1950's films - 20

1960's films - 18

1970's films - 18

1980's films - 6

1990's films - 8

Other comments: Many of the movies that are on this list that I saw are, in my opinion, not worthy of being on it, not to mention those that I refused to see. Also, there were films that I thought should have been on it, but were not included. I guess most people would say the same thing.

Artís Selection of Cinematic Classics - part 2

Herein are some of the films I have seen, with commentary, arranged by category. Almost all of these are films which have been around for a while. There are many other great films from the earlier days of the movies which I have yet to see. Also, there are great films that are more contemporary, but are not on this list. I did not include films from part 1 of the "cinematic classics."

I. Drama

1. Across the Pacific - Humphrey Bogart thriller.

2. Advise and Consent - good film about politics

3. The Agony and the Ecstacy - the story of Michelangelo

4. All the Kingís Men - a story of corruption in politics

5. All This and Heaven Too - a powerful film about a virtuous woman retaining her honor amidst madness and murder. Stars Bette Davis and Charles Boyer.

6. Anastasia (1956) - the intriguing mystery starring Ingrid Bergman

7. Anna Karenina - Greta Garbo stars in Tolstoyís classic of a beautiful woman reaping the wages of the sin of adultery. Of course, since it was made in 1935, there is no foul language nor sex scenes.

8. Anna and the King - Jody Foster in this 1999 version of the story of Anna Leonowens and the king of Siam (Thailand). Very well done. Little, if any, objectionable content.

9. Apollo 13 - the true story of the intense, nearly fatal moon mission.

10. The Bear - An interesting and well done story of two bears and some hunters.

11. Beckett - historical drama starring Richard Burton and Peter OíToole

12. Ben Hur - An outstanding Christian film. Won eleven Oscars.

13. Billy Budd - Melvilleís classic story of good and evil, justice and law.

14. Birdman of Alcatraz - A remarkable true story of how a prisoner becomes rehabilitated by caring for birds.

15. Brother Sun, Sister Moon - the story of St. Francis of Assisi.

16. The Caine Mutiny - Intense drama with Humphrey Bogart

17. Captains Courageous - Kiplingís story of the transformation of a brat on a fishing boat. Stars Spencer Tracy.

18. Chariots of Fire - the true story of an Olympic runner who put his religious convictions before his love of running.

19. Chronicles of Narnia - C. S. Lewisí classic allegory.

20. Cimarron - This landmark western (1931) depicts the settling of Oklahoma. The hero is very virtuous, but mysteriously leaves his wife and family.

21. Coquette - Mary Pickfordís first talkie. Shows the tragedy of being bull-headed.

22. Cry the Beloved Country - A powerful film about life in apartheid South Africa.

23. David Copperfield - Dickensí classic.

24. Diary of Anne Frank - The true, sad story of a Jewish girl hiding in Holland during the Holocaust with her family. Humanism is preached at the end.

25. Disraeli - an outstanding portrayal of the British politician in this early talkie.

26. A Dog of Flanders - A touching story with a lot of love. Very Wholesome.

27. Driving Miss Daisy - An elderly lady and her black chauffeur in this film that won an Oscar for best picture.

28. Exodus - the story of the Jewís return to Israel in 1947.

29. Failsafe - a story of how a nuclear war might get started accidentally.

30. For Whom the Bell Tolls - Gary Cooper and Ingrid Bergman in an action story set in the Spanish Civil War.

31. The Fountainhead - Gary Cooper stars in this film highlighting the virtues of integrity, determination, and refusal to compromise.

32. Gandhi - An account of the life of this amazing man.

33. Gaslight - Suspense tale with Ingrid Bergman winning an Oscar.

34. Goodbye Mr. Chips - I recommend this story of a teacher starring Robert Donat

35. The Good Earth - this classic Pearl Buck story stars Paul Muni.

36. The Greatest Story Ever Told - the story of our Lord.

37. Hatari! - John Wayne in an action-romance set in Africa.

38. The Hiding Place - True, inspiring story of Corrie Ten Boomís family who hid Jews from the Nazis.

39. The Hunchback of Notre Dame - classic drama by Victor Hugo.

40. I Am a Fugitive From a Chain Gang - another great Paul Muni film, based on a true story

41. In a Lonely Place - A very intense mystery-romance with Humphrey Bogart

42. The Inn of the Sixth Happiness - Ingrid Bergman stars in a somewhat modified version of the amazing, true story of Gladys Aylward, a British maid who sent herself to China as a missionary.

43. The Jackie Robinson Story - the first baseball player to break the color barrier. Starring Jackie Robinson.

44. Jane Eyre - Charlotte Bronteís masterpiece..

45. Jezebel - Bette Davis (Oscar) in a romance in the antebellum South. Co-stars Henry Fonda.

46. Joan of Arc - portrayed by Ingrid Bergman.

47. Juarez - Another great Paul Muni biography. This time of the great Benito Juarez - a man of courage and conviction. Co-stars Bette Davis.

48. Judgment at Nuremberg - Spencer Tracy and several other stars depict the Nazi war crimes trials. Part of this is very strong when they show films of death camps.

49. Julius Caesar - Shakespeare classic with Charlton Heston.

50. Key Largo - Humphrey Bogart - Edward G. Robinson suspense story

51. Keys of the Kingdom - A very uplifting novel about a catholic missionary in China, starring Gregory Peck. The only objectionable part, as far as Iím concerned, was a couple of instances of praying to saints.

52. The Killing - a classic, almost perfect crime - shows that crime doesnít pay since thereís always the risk that something can go wrong.

53. Knute Rockne - All American - a great biography of a great, moral, innovative coach. Includes "the Gipper" (Ronald Reagan).

54. Lassie Come Home - Endearing story of Lassie traveling hundreds of miles to get home

55. The Last Days of Pompeii - a gladiator movie with a Christian element.

56. The Last Hurrah - Spencer Tracy as a politician

57. Les Miserables - Outstanding Victor Hugo classic about a man who becomes a Christian.

58 The Letter - Bette Davis in a very intense drama

59. Life of Emile Zola - a true story of courage as Zola defends the unjustly convicted Dreyfus. Stars Paul Muni.

60. Little Caesar - Edward G. Robinson gangster classic (1930). "Public Enemy" and "Little Caesar" influenced the bringing about of the repeal of prohibition

61. Little Women - Louisa May Alcottís classic of four sisters growing up with different personalities.

62. The Long Voyage Home - common sailors during the early days of WWII on a freighter. An early John Wayne movie. The Duke plays a gentle Swede, complete with accent.

63. Lost Horizon - based on James Hiltonís adventure novel of modern people finding Shangri-La.

64. Lust for Life - Kirk Douglas in the life of Vincent Van Gogh.

65. Madame Bovary - This French masterpiece by Flaubert shows how morals can be corrupted by romantic novels.

66. Madame Curie - A wonderful, true story of love and devotion between two scientists.

67. A Man Called Peter - the life of Peter Marshall - chaplain to the Senate

68. A Man for All Seasons - The outstanding, true story of Sir Thomas More, who suffered martyrdom rather than compromise his beliefs.

69. Marked Woman - Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart co-star in this drama said to be based on the events that ended the career of mobster Lucky Luciano.

70. Marty - Drama about two lonely, unattractive people who meet. Oscars for best picture, actor, and director.

71. Mata Hari - Greta Garbo depicts the famous WWI spy.

72. Min and Bill - Marie Dressler won an Oscar in this 1930 classic about an old womanís love for the abandoned girl she raised. Co-stars Wallace Beery.

73. The Miracle Worker - The true story of Helen Keller being brought out of her solitude.

74. The Mission - a powerful account of Jesuit missionaries to South American Indians in the late 1700's.

75. Moby Dick - Herman Melvilleís classic features Gregory Peck as Captain Ahab.

76. Moulin Rouge - the biography of the artist Toulouse-Lautrec - a tragic, short-lived life of rejection (mainly self-rejection), loneliness, alcoholism, and wrong choices. Adult situations.

77. Nicholas and Alexandra -the last days of the last Czar of Russia. A good film to see before Anastasia.

78. The Old Man and the Sea - Spencer Tracy classic.

79. Othello - Shakespeare classic with Sir Lawrence Olivier.

80. The Petrified Forest - Bette Davis and Humphrey Bogart in a film where the people are looking for love and purpose in life.

81. Public Enemy - James Cagney gangster classic.

82. Quo Vadis - Christians show faith and courage in the face of the Roman Empire.

83. The Robe - A Roman soldier who was involved in Christís crucifixion becomes converted. A classic Christian film.

84. Roman Holiday - a fun romance with Audrey Hepburn.

85. Sabrina - another romance with Audrey Hepburn. Costars Humphrey Bogart.

86. The Scarlet and the Black - Gregory Peck stars in this film, based on a true story, of a priest in WWII who hides escaped POWís, etc. An astounding ending!

87. The Search - a touching tale of a lost child in post- WWII Germany and his mother who searches for him. Some filmed on location.

88. Searching for Bobby Fischer - based on the true story of a chess child prodigy.

89. Sense and Sensibility - Jane Austinís classic.

90. Sergeant York - Outstanding, true story of this Christian's conversion and heart for God walked out in the context of WWI. York wanted no glory for himself and wanted there to be no film about his exploits in WWI, until, with the approach of WWII, he believed it could be used to inspire others to fight the menace of Nazism.

91. Shadowlands - inspiring story of C. S. Lewis.

92. The Silver Chalice - a Christian novel, featuring Luke, Joseph of Arimathea, Peter, Simon the Sorcerer, etc. Paul Newmanís first film.

93. Sounder - the moving story of poor, black sharecroppers in the 1930's.

94. Sparrows - A very moving silent film with a strong Christian perspective. Stars Mary Pickford.

95. Spitfire Grill - A powerful drama.

96. Spirit of St. Louis - Account of Lindberghís historic flight, starring Jimmy Stewart.

97. Story of Louis Pasteur - Another excellent biography starring Paul Muni.

98. The Ten Commandments - Epic film of the Exodus story.

99. Titanic - (1953 version) A tragedy can bring out the best in people.

100. To Have and Have Not - Humphrey Bogart thriller.

101. Tortilla Flat - Spencer Tracy in John Steinbeckís story. A good story but includes praying to saints.

102. The Three Lives of Thomasina - A great story of a man who turns away from God and then returns.

103. Uncle Tomís Cabin - a film version of the tremendously significant novel.

104. Viva Zapata - The true story of the noble revolutionary in early 20th century Mexico, starring Marlon Brando.

105. War and Peace - Tolstoyís classic.

106. White Heat - classic James Cagney gangster film.

107. The Wind and The Lion - based on an historical incident in 1904 of a Moroccan kid-napping an American woman and her children during Teddy Rooseveltís presidency.

108. Witness for the Prosecution - Agatha Christie play with Charles Laughton, Tyrone Power, and Marlene Dietrich.

109. The Yearling - The moving story of a boy becoming a man in the Southern swamps.

II. Adventure

1. Around the World in Eighty Days - Jules Verneís classic tale of romance and adventure.

2. Blood Alley - John Wayne leads a whole village in an escape from Red China.

3. Journey to the Center of the Earth - Another Jules Verne classic. A fun, adventure-filled tale. When the heroes are in danger they pray, and praise the Lord when delivered. Parts were filmed at Carlsbad Caverns in New Mexico.

4. Kim - Rudyard Kipling adventure with Errol Flynn.

5. King Solomonís Mines - An African adventure a la Indiana Jones. Parts of this were also filmed in Carlsbad Caverns National Park.

6. The Time Machine - The H.G. Wells classic of a man who travels into the future.

7. War of the Worlds - When the aliens come, the people pray.

8. When Worlds Collide - classic sci-fi film about a futuristic "Noahís Ark".

III. War

1. 30 Seconds Over Tokyo - an account of one crew in Jimmy Doolittleís daring raid over Tokyo in the opening months of WWII.

2. The Alamo - John Wayne directed and starred in this classic.

3. Andersonville - depicts the horrors of the worst Civil War prisoner of war camp.

4. Back to Bataan - John Wayne in story based on the liberation of the Philippines in WWII.

5. The Battle of Britain - story of the heroic flyers defending Britain during WWII.

6. Beau Geste - Jackie Cooper in the French Foreign Legion.

7. The Charge of the Light Brigade - Errol Flynn action - romance based on the famous poem.

8. Churchill and the Generals - a made for t.v. movie dramatizing Churchillís role in WWII.

9. The Dawn Patrol - Errol Flynn and David Niven flying in WWI action fiction.

10. Desperate Journey - Errol Flynn and Ronald Reagan in WWII action fiction.

11 .Distant Drums - Gary Cooper in this action film set in the Seminole Indian Wars.

12. El Cid - Charlton Heston as the noble 10th century Spanish warrior.

13. Flying Leathernecks - John Wayne in a WWII film.

14. The Gallant Hours - James Cagney portrays Admiral Halsey at Guadalcanal.

15. The Great Escape - historic escape from a Nazi P.O. W. camp.

16. The Great Locomotive Chase - a somewhat altered account of an amazing Civil War incident. A Disney film

17. Guadalcanal Diary - The film version of Richard Tragaskisí account of the Americanís first attack on the Japanese during WWII.

18. Gunga Din - A Rudyard Kipling story in which bravery and loyalty are exemplified.

19. The Guns of Navarone - Gregory Peck stars in this tale of suspense.

20. To Hell and Back - The true story of Americaís most decorated soldier, Audie Murphy, starring Audie Murphy. Set in WWII.

21. The Horse Soldiers - John Wayne stars in this true story of Col. John Marlowís raid behind Confederate lines in the Civil War.

22. The Last Command - seems to be an accurate telling of the events leading up to and including the battle of the Alamo. Of course thereís a romantic element which is of dubious authenticity.

23. The Longest Day - All-star cast in the story of the D-Day invasion without the gore of "Private Ryan."

24. The Man Who Would be King - Another Rudyard Kipling story. Parts are rather gruesome.

25. Northwest Passage - Spencer Tracy plays Robert Rogers (Rogerís Rangers) in a raid he conducted in the French and Indian War. An excerpt from the novel.

26. Sands of Iwo Jima - a classic John Wayne WWII film.

27. Merrillís Marauders - account of the historic, courageous raiding behind enemy lines by these Americans in Burma during WWII.

28. Tora! Tora! Tora! - The story of Pearl Harbor.

29. Wake Island - This historical fiction shows courage in the face of adversity.

30. A Wing and a Prayer - WWII battle of Midway.

31. Wings - This fictional WWI story won the first academy award for best picture. There is some blood, but itís not too gory since itís in black and white. (Silent -1927).

IV. Comedy

1. The Cameraman - A truly great comedy starring Buster Keaton. Silent.

2. The Circus - A great Charlie Chaplin comedy

3. A Connecticut Yankee - Will Rogers stars in this take-off of Mark Twainís classic.

4. Funny Face - Fred Astaireís only film with Audrey Hepburn. Features some great dancing.

5. The General - Probably Buster Keatonís greatest film. Itís his version of "The Great Locomotive Chase" (see no. 16 film under "War"), but preceded the Disney version by many years (silent).

6. General Spanky - The only feature-length Little Rascals film.

7. The Great Dictator - Chaplin spoofs Adolph Hitler in this gem. He plays "Hitler" as well as a Jewish barber. Itís a talkie!

8. Hook - Robin Williamsí well done sequel to Peter Pan.

9. Itís a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World - a tribute to the old slapstick films starring an amazing assemblage of the old comics.

10. The Kid - Charlie Chaplinís silent classic introduced Americaís first child star - Jackie Coogan (later to star as Uncle Fester as an adult in the Adamís Family t.v. comedy in the sixties)
11. Marx Brothers movies -
Animal Crackers
At the Circus
The Big Store
The Cocoanuts
A Day at the Races - one of their best
Duck Soup
Go West - has a fantastic train ride at the end!
Horse Feathers - one of their best
Monkey Business - one of their funniest
A Night at the Opera - one of their best
Room Service

12. Mr. Deeds Goes to Town - Gary Cooper doesnít let a huge inheritance go to his head.

13. The Music Box - The only Laurel and Hardy film to win an Oscar (best short subject in 1932). This is indeed classic comedy.

14. My Man Godfrey - a screwball comedy

15. The Naughty Nineties - Possibly the best Abbott and Costello film. It has lots of great routines, including "Whoís on First?"

16. Ninotchka - Greta Garbo in a romantic comedy as a Russian.

17. Swing Time - Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers in a romantic comedy.

18. Teacherís Pet - Clark Gable and Doris Day in a romantic comedy in the context of the journalism profession.

19. Teahouse of the August Moon - A light comedy with Marlon Brando in a very different role.

20. Top Hat - another romantic comedy starring Astaire and Rogers. Probably their best. Fantastic dancing!
21. W.C. Fields films
The Bank Dick
Itís A Gift - considered to be his best
The Man on the Flying Trapeze
My Little Chickadee - with Mae West
The Old Fashioned Way - features some of his juggling
You Canít Cheat an Honest Man - with Charlie McCarthy
Youíre Telling Me - has a great golf routine at the end
[Some great comedy classics were not full-length films. These are not mentioned here, but would include several Chaplin, Keaton, Laurel & Hardy, Little Rascals, and even 3 Stooges films.]

V. Musicals

1. 1776 - based on the American Revolution.

2. Annie - based on the comic page character, Liíl Orphan Annie.

3. Beauty and the Beast - outstanding animated musical.

4 .Camelot - wonderful, sad musical.

5. Fiddler on the Roof - A moving tale of a Russian Jewish family in the late 1800's.

6. The Jolson Story - the story of the famous entertainer, complete with many of his hits.

7. The King and I - A wonderful story by Rodgers and Hammerstein

8. Mary Poppins - a fun musical with Julie Andrews winning an Oscar.

9. Oliver! - based on Dickensí Oliver Twist.

10. Show Boat - a moving story with some great dancing and songs. Includes "Old Man River".

11. South Pacific - a musical set in WWII.

12. White Christmas - Irving Berlinís music sung by Bing Crosby et al. in this classic.

VI. Westerns

1. Billy the Kid - Robert Taylor in a great western filmed in Monument Valley.

2.The Left-handed Gun - an early Paul Newman film - a probably not too inaccurate version of Billy the Kidís life.

3. Billy the Kid - the Gore Vidal version is probably pretty historically accurate, but I donít know about the romance between Billy and "Salsa".

4. Chisum - John Wayne stars as the cattle baron in this classic western historical fiction. Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, and the others are all part of it.

5. Red River - Classic John Wayne tale of the first cattle drive on the Chisholm Trail.

6. My Darling Clementine - Henry Fonda and Tyrone Power in a revision of the O.K. Corral gun fight. Monument Valley setting.

7. Hour of the Gun - James Garner plays Wyatt Earp in the events starting with and following the O.K. Corral gun fight. The film claims to be historical.

8. Great Northfield Minnesota Raid - true story of Jesse James, Cole Younger, and their gangís attempted bank robbery.

9. The Return of Frank James - Henry Fonda stars in this account starting with Jesseís murder.

10. The Life and Times of Judge Roy Bean - account of the extraordinary western judge.

11. The Westerner - Gary Cooper matches wits with "Judge" Roy Bean (Walter Brennan). Brennan won an Oscar.

12. Crazy Horse - Probably a very accurate account of the great warrior.

13. Geronimo, An American Legend - Probably a very accurate portrayal of the great warrior, although some characters and events were fictitious. Portrayed from the soldierís perspective.

14. Geronimo - a moving account of the great warrior from his perspective.

15. Apache - Burt Lancaster plays the legendary Massai, the last Indian to surrender ( after Geronimo was sent to Florida). Massai fought on alone.

16. Buffalo Soldiers - Historical fiction based on the actual events of the black cavalryís pursuit of the Apache chief, Victorio, in New Mexico.

17. Cheyenne Autumn - John Ford directed this story of Dull Knife and Little Wolfís fleeing from the reservation. Much filmed in Monument Valley, of course.

18. Pony Express - Charlton Heston stars in this tale of how Buffalo Bill and Wild Bill Hickock started the Pony Express.

19. The Gunfighter - Gregory Peck plays "the fastest gun in the west," Jimmy Ringo, not to be confused with the real Johnny Ringo. Nevertheless, a good film.

20. Jeremiah Johnson - A mountain man story.

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